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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

Design Technology

Year 7

Design and Technology in Year 7 is about preparing students with the technical knowledge needed to build on over the next four years. Students are given challenging design briefs from across the Faculty in which to complete. The projects last around 8 weeks and each students will complete 7 projects over the period of Year 7.


Rocket Science (Introductory Module)

Over the first 6 weeks in Year 7, students are taught about the design process where they are given the opportunity to work in teams to research, design, develop, test, manufacture and evaluate their very own pneumatic rockets.



Students are asked to design their very own flash drive as part of a promotional gift for an event of their choice. Students will use CAD (computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) to produce their flash drive.


Dice Breaker

Students are introduced into the basics of Electronics with the Dice Breaker project. In this project students will be soldering a pre manufactured PCB to manufacture an Electronic Dice that can be used with board games.


Mad Hatters Tea Party

Wonderland is a place, like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger! Some say to survive it you have to be “Mad as a Hatter”. The Mad Hatter needs your skills and imagination to prove to Alice that she can achieve the impossible. You are to create a range of food products that are just a little bit out of the ordinary to serve at the Mad Hatters Tea Party showing your creative skills to the max!


Cover Up

Over the last three years there has been a huge shift away from laptops as people buy tablets such as IPads for their ease of use, convenience and price. One of the main users of the tablets are teenagers. With this new trend being so evident, you are required to manufacture a new tablet case for today’s fashion conscious teenager.



Year 8

Design and Technology in Year 8 is using the basic technical knowledge that students have gained in Year 7. The design briefs that students are given allow students to start expressing themselves my designing their own solution to the brief. Students are taught new skills and knowledge as well as using relevant research to inform their designing. Students will complete 6 projects lasting around 8 weeks over during their time in Year 8.


Mission to Mars

Students are introduced into the technical world of systems and control my designing a new system to control our NXT Lego mind storm robots. The design brief is to control the Mars curiosity robot to carry out experiments across the barren landscape. Can students design a system to automatically control inputs and outputs of curiosity?


A Bugs Life

The theatrical version of the popular film ‘A Bug’s Life’ will be showing at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. To celebrate the event the Theatre Royal sales stand wants to sell metallic sculptures of various bugs. You are tasked to design, model and manufacture a suitably sized metallic insect based on the film.


The Underground

The London Underground is one of the world’s largest transport systems. Over a million people travel to work in to London each day, 60% of these use the Underground. It travels through some very different areas, each area expressing their different cultures. Use your travel pass to experience some of these cultural delights by stopping off at each station to recreate the flavours of each destination!….Enjoy.



Year 9

Design and Technology in Year 9 is given students the freedom to make mistakes for themselves and workout the solution. Students are encouraged to use their research to design a solution to the problem by using evaluating techniques. New skills and knowledge are also learnt throughout the year and the complexity of the brief is increased. Students will currently complete 3 projects of around 8 weeks in length.


Box Fresh

A well-known department store are asking for designers to present a product concept for a storage device. Students are asked to design and manufacture their storage device and present to the board of directors in 8 weeks’ time with a complete product prototype of their idea.



Luminaire Industries is a specialist lighting company and recently sales have fallen since consumers are looking to be more energy efficient. Luminaire Industries has hired you to design and manufacture a sleek and elegant LED desk lamp. The light must include an easy to reach switch and consider reusing and recycling in the design.


Street Food

Street Food is the growing scene of top quality artisan food being sold on the street, whether that be from a market, high street or event. From its underground beginnings, Street Food has become an innovative and social phenomenon. Become part of this engaging trend of UK catering and create some of these delights. Design your own product that would be suitable for quick service food at a festival, from a stall, gazebos, cart, trailer, VW Camper van or even a fire engine, to be enjoyed by all…Let’s start the fiesta.