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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

GCSE Exams

2021 GSCE information powerpoint

Mock Exam 2021 Parents Support Guide

Mock Exam 2021- Overview by subject


Exam Board 

Exam structure (no. Of exams) 

Length of Exam(s) 


Content Overview 



Paper- 1 is non calculator


Paper –2 is calculator

 1 hr 30 mins

1 hr 30 mins

Paper - 1

Paper - 2

All students should revise all topics detailed revision list to follow.



Language Paper 2 – non-fiction


Literature – Romeo and Juliet / Power and Conflict Poetry

1 hr 45 mins


Paper 2 Language skills – reading and writing non-fiction


Romeo and Juliet


Power and Conflict Poetry – all 15 poems



Paper 1 – combined science higher/foundation – biology

Paper 1 – Combined science higher/foundation – chemistry

Paper 1 – Combined Science higher/foundation – Physics


Paper 1 – Separate science higher/foundation – biology

Paper 1 – Separate science higher/foundation – chemistry

Paper 1 – Separate Science higher/foundation – Physics

 1hr 15 mins




1 hr 45mins

Chapters 1 – 9 (Cells and organisation; Disease and bioenergetics)

Chapters 1-7 – (Atoms, bonding and moles; Chemical reactions and energy changes)

Chapters 1-7 – (Energy and energy resources; Particles at work)









Paper 3 – JUDAISM

 1 hour 30 mins




1 hour

 Life and death unit pg. 42-58 in My Revision Notes

Sin and Forgiveness unit pg. 59 – 81 in My Revision Notes


Pg. 82-109 in My Revision Notes


All students have access to electronic revision guide My Revision Notes



Paper 1: One exam in two sections - Germany

Paper 2: Elizabeth

2 hrs

1 hr

 Germany & Iran Iraq

Elizabeth – in depth study



Geography B 

Component 1 Exam: All three themes are examined. 40% of the total grade.


Component 2 Exam (The problem solver) 30% of the total grade.

Students will answer all sections of both exams there are no optional questions.  

1 hour 45 mins 


1 hour 30 mins 

All three themes covered since the start of Y10 will need to be revised, for BOTH exams. Theme 1 – UK cities, Global cities, development. Theme 2 – Rivers, coasts, weather & climate, climate change. Theme 3 – Ecosystems, water & semi-arid environments.  






Paper 1: Listening

Paper 3: Reading

Paper 4: Writing


Paper 1: Listening

Paper 3: Reading

Paper 4: Writing


35 mins

45 mins

1 hr 5 mins


45 mins

1 hr

1hr 20 mins

 All three themes will be covered


Theme 1: Identity and culture

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment



Paper 1:  Factors affecting participation

Paper 2:  Socio-economic issues in sport


1 hr

Yr 10 work – Applied anatomy & physiology, physical training

Yr 11 work – Socio-cultural influences, sports psychology, health, fitness & well-being

Design & Technology 


Paper 1

Section A – Core technical principles (20 marks)

A mixture of multiple choice and short answer questions assessing a breadth of technical knowledge and understanding.

Section B – Specialist technical principles (30 marks)

Several short answer questions (2–5 marks) and one extended response to assess a more in-depth knowledge of technical principles.

Section C – Designing and making principles (50 marks)

A mixture of short answer and extended response questions.


All Year 10 and 11 work covered to date.

  • Core technical principles
  • Specialist technical principles
  • Designing and making principles



Paper 1 - Computational thinking and problem-solving  

 1 hour 30mins

 Fundamentals of algorithms, interpretation of programming, data representation.

Business Academic 


 Paper 1 - Unit 1,2,3,4,6

 1hr 45mins

 Unit 1 Business in the real world

Unit 2 Influences on a business

Unit 3 Business Operations

Unit 4 Human Resources

Unit 6 Finance

Food & Nutrition 


  Unit 1: Principles of Food and Nutrition


 This unit will consist of two sections both containing compulsory questions.

Section A: questions based on stimulus materials. Section B: a range of question types to assess all content related to food and nutrition.