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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits


In today’s world, where people often cherry pick facts about the past to prove points, History can give our students the skills to be able to formulate their own opinions. History helps to place current events into context and allows for discussion and debate of contentious issues that will help develop higher order thinking.


In Saint John Houghton CVA the History curriculum allows our students to know and understand our past, which in turn allows them to understand our present and predict their potential future. If we want our children to know how and why our world is the way it is today, they will have to look to history for answers. History teaches skills of analysis and communication which are invaluable in many other disciplines. Historians have the ability to evaluate and then prioritise information which is vital in decision making.


At Saint John Houghton CVA all students in Year 7 to 9 will study history in chronological order beginning with the Norman Conquest and the Medieval in year 7 to the Enlightenment and Industrial periods of social change in year 8, to the modern historical period in year 9. We teach history through the use of the second order concepts that includes “cause and consequence” (causation), “change and continuity”, “similarity and difference”, and “historical significance”.


In Key Stage 4 students have the option to extend their historical studies by completing the AQA GCSE History 1-9 which has two exams, Paper 1: Understanding the modern world and Paper 2: Shaping the nation. The content topics like the subject has been chosen by the students as being of the greatest interest to them. The following elements are studied over two years. A period study of Germany, Democracy and dictatorship, 1890-1945. A thematic study of Power and the People c1170 to today. A wider world depth study of conflict and tension in the Gulf and Afghanistan, 1990- 2009. A British depth study of Elizabethan England c1568-1603 which includes the historic environment.