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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits


Music is an important part of our Curriculum at Saint John Houghton is compulsory in Key Stage 3. All students will Perform, Compose and Appraise different genres of music as well as work towards a greater understanding of music theory.


All Students will have to opportunity to experience Music from all around the world and compare styles, themes and different elements. From Bhangra Music from the Punjab to Reggae Music from Jamaica - students will be able to learn about common rhythmic patterns, features specific to the genre and have a hands on experience with many different musical instruments.


At Saint John Houghton students will also study topics such as film music and song writing to really explore individual creativity. Composition projects allow students to understand emotion and how different music can impact our thoughts and feelings. Song writing and Composition is also a very lucrative areas of the music industry.  


Performing opportunities take place both inside and outside the classroom. Compulsory performance are required throughout Key Stage 3 on a range of musical instruments as well as Liturgies and musical shows that all students are encouraged to take part in. There are also extra-curricular groups such as the choir that offer a range of performing opportunities. 


At GCSE we follow the OCR specification which continues from the core projects of the Key Stage 3 content. Keywords are developed as well as musical ability to hone in on learnt skills to create two practical portfolios which include Performing and Compositions. There is also a summative exam which brings together the key listening and appraising skills developed over five years.