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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits



Music is one of the few creative subjects offered at Saint John Houghton. Music allows students the freedom to compose and perform as well as learn about reading music and how instruments are played. Music is compulsory in Key Stage 3 and chosen as a GCSE option in Key Stage 4.


The Team

Mr D Quenby – Teacher of Music, House 1 Leader (Romero)


Key Stage 3

Year 7
Fundamental music theory (term 1)
Composition (term 2)
Rhythms of the world (term 3)
Instrument project (term 4)
Class singing (term 5)
Pictures in Exhibition (term 6)


Year 8
Blues (term 1
Rock and Roll (terms 2 and 3)
Reggae (terms 4)
Arrangement of Music (term 5)
Descriptive Composition (term 6)


Year 9
Rap and Hip-hop (term 1 and 2)
Band project (term 3 and 4)
Film Music (term 5 and 5)

The curriculum in Key stage 3 is designed to offer as many performance and composition opportunities as possible. Students will learn about a wide variety of areas of music which have shaped the music we listen to today. The Key Stage 3 curriculum as also designed to prepare students who choose the subject as a GCSE option.


Homework will be issued once a term that fits around the project the student is studying at the time.


Key Stage 4

Year 10 and 11 will cover the 1-9 OCR specification


Students will perform a solo piece of music on an instrument of their choice and one other as part as an ensemble (30%). Students will also compose 2 pieces of music (30%), one as an open composition and another set to a brief by the awarding body. Students will complete the portfolios over the course of two years and sit a listening exam (40%) at the end of the course.


Revision material will be provided by the course leader.


Twitter: @SJHCVAMusic