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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

Religious Education


“Religious Education is never one subject among many, but the foundation of the entire educational process. The beliefs and values studied in Catholic Religious Education inspire and draw together every aspect of the life of a Catholic school.”

(Religious Education in Catholic Schools §4 (2000))


Religious Education is at the core of the curriculum at Saint John Houghton Catholic School. This is recognised in the allocation of staff, the Religious Education suite of rooms and in the allocation of time to Religious Education across key stages 3 and 4. Religious Education at Saint John Houghton also sits within the context of a firm commitment to Catholic education and the visible and tangible Catholic ethos of the school. As a curriculum subject and as a Religious Education team we contribute to and draw on this ethos.


The Team

Miss P Bailey – Head of Religious Education
Mrs L Dakin – Teacher of Religious Education
Miss L Hinchcliffe – Teacher of Religious Education


Key Stage 3

Religious Education is taught throughout the school to every pupil in every year. In accordance with the recommendation of the Bishops of England and Wales, the whole of the school spends on average just under 10% of their lesson time in Religious Education.


  • Year 7 Five one hour lessons per fortnight
  • Year 8 Four one hour lessons per fortnight
  • Year 9 Five one hour lessons per fortnight
  • Year 10 Five one hour lessons per fortnight
  • Year 11 Five one hour lessons per fortnight



Students follow a programme of study which is based around the guidelines given by the Catholic Education Service which includes the following units of study:


Introduction to Religious Education
Who is God?
Signs of Jewish identity
Who is Jesus?
Following Jesus
Catholic Identity



People of the Covenant
Jesus as Saviour
Pentecost, Confirmation and Vocation
Living Vocation – Justice and Peace



Truth and Revelation
Christian Love and Marriage
The Problem of Evil and Suffering
Science and Religion


Key Stage 4

Students follow AQA Syllabus B Catholic Christianity in line with guidance from the CES and the Diocesan Education Service. This requires students to complete three modules of study over the course of the two years:


Paper 1: Catholic Christianity – 50%

Paper 2: Judaism – 25% and Themes in Religious Studies – 25%


Catholic Christianity

The Catholic Christianity module focuses on six modules of study. Each module takes an aspect of Catholic belief and links it to practise and ethical implications.


  • Creation – focuses on Catholic beliefs about creation, human dignity, scientific views and finally looks at the issues of environment and stewardship.


Revision videos can be found here: Creation revision videos


  • Incarnation – looks at Christian beliefs about the incarnation, its development in Church teaching and concludes with study of the issue of sanctity of life and abortion.


Revision videos can be found here: Incarnation revision videos


  • Triune God – a study of Christian beliefs about the Trinity, its expression in worship and prayer and Christian responsibilities expressed in mission (e.g. concern for the poor)


Revision videos can be found here: Triune God revision videos


  • Redemption – focusing on Catholic beliefs about redemption and salvation and how this is expressed in Church architecture. Students also study the Eucharist and the role of conscience in Christian life.


Revision videos can be found here: Redemption revision videos


  • Church and the Kingdom of God – study of Catholic belief about the Church and its relation to the kingdom of God, pilgrimage to Rome and Lourdes and the importance of charity of Catholics.


Revision videos can be found here: Church and the Kingdom of God


  • Eschatology – looking at Catholic beliefs about death and life after death, funeral rites, palliative care and euthanasia.


Revision videos can be found here: Eschatology revision videos



Students study beliefs and practices


  • Judaism Beliefs- about God, life after death, judgement, covenant and Messiah
  • Judaism Practices – worship, the synagogue, major festivals



These units offer students the opportunity to reflect on ethical themes and challenges


  • Religion Peace and Conflict
  • Religion, relationships and families


Twitter: @SJH_RE