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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

Student Resource Centre

We realise that working and learning from home presents some unique challenges and as such we have updated our advice to all our subject areas.


From Monday 1st June – Pentecost 2 Term – all online lesson resources will continue to be shared with students through Show My Homework.  This online platform will remain the primary point of contact between students and staff.

Please note that over the May Half Term week holiday there will be no work set for students and no deadlines for work.

From June the 1st:

  • Students and staff will be asked to follow our new remote learning timetable.  This provides a structure for each day and guidance for both students and parents on how much time to spend on each subject each day.
  • Subjects will continue to not set extra work to that expected in normal lessons - there will be no work that Teachers and Students might have traditionally thought of as 'homework'.
  • Staff will continue to try to keep reminder emails and messages to a minimum - one reminder per week.

Thank you to all the parents supporting your child's education at this time and please continue to contact the school if we can help in any way.

Show My Homework