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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

Student Resource Centre

During this school year ‘Remote Learning’ will not operate in exactly the same as it did in the last academic year (unless the requirement for student self-isolation is brought back at the request of Public Health England) as the need for students to self-isolate has been removed.  


However, as a school we recognise that some children may recover quickly from Covid-19 and feel well enough to undertake some home leaning. As Parents and Carers you are best placed to make this decision on whether your child is physically able to complete some schoolwork at home. 


If Parents and Carers feel that their child is sufficiently well enough to undertake some schoolwork at home, we have put together the following information: 


Key Stage 3 Home Learning 

To support families with children in Years 7 to 9 with home learning, our Curriculum Leaders have put together a selection of tasks and Lesson links for each subject in Years 7 to 9. These resources either fit with the topics being covered in school or provide useful extra learning content.  


Please click on the star Icon below for your child’s year group in school and the table of resources is there for each subject per week. Please use your child’s timetable as a guide to subjects they should look for. 


Work should be completed in the students exercise book if possible, it will then be marked along with their main in school classwork.  


Key Stage 4 Home Learning 

If your child is in Year 10 or Year 11 and is well enough to undertake some schoolwork at home, then please direct them to the Year 10 and Y11 star icon below. We have put together some key activities. In addition, we would ask that you ask your child to email the Curriculum Leader for their subject and work will be set by class teachers on Satchel One. 

Where possible, work should be completed  in the student’s subject exercise book/folder, this work can then return to school with the student. Work completed whilst absent can then form part of the student’s main body of work for that subject and be marked in line with subject policy. 


Thank you to all the parents supporting your child's education at this time and please continue to contact the school if we can help in any way.