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Saint John Houghton Catholic Voluntary Academy

Learning without limits

Week 1

Lesson 1. What do Jews believe?  Using the booklet component 3 Judaism given to you in class, also available on school website - Read page 2 and copy 'what do Jews believe - 13 principles of faith' into your purple Judaism book.  Complete the activity of highlighting beliefs that Christians have in common with Jews. Note down in your purple book the two main groups in Judaism. Answer the question in your book from the bottom of page 2.


Lesson 2. Judaism - beliefs about God - Read page 3 and 4 using this information copy and complete the mind map on page 4 into your books. 


Extension Task: Exam skills - 8 mark question using KISS KISS and knowledge from page 3/4 answer: explain two Jewish beliefs about God.  Highlight knowledge and understanding in one colour, impact and influence in a second and source of authority in a third, then underline all specialised language.